WSET®Level 3 Award in Wines~Explaining style and quality~

会場 青山
回数 全18回
定員 20 名
開講日 5/26 (日)
催行決定日 5/19 (日)
講師 ロワン ギレスピ
コース WSET®資格取得コース


English Page is below

★This is a renewed curriculum.

Session 16 and Session 17 have been added to the course program: a mock exam and a commentary on the mock exam, respectively, to help better prepare for the exam which will be held in Session 18.

★Regarding The Course Materials

English class materials(textbook and studyguide) will be provided in e-book format.

We will provide the your ebook ID after the class will be decided to open.

 If you would like to purchase the paper copies of materials(textbook only), please purchase them from WSET headquarters (link below).

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust is the world’s leading provider of qualifications in wines and spirits. Established in the UK in 1969, WSET’s qualifications are now recognised as the international standard by both the industry and enthusiasts. Since 1969 over half a million students have chosen to take a WSET qualification.

Académie du Vin is pleased to be able to offer the WSET Level 2 Award in Wines, WSET Level 2 Award in Wines and the WSET Level 3 Award in Wines. Students will be able to sit for the respective exams upon completion of the courses.

WSET courses place a strong emphasis not only on identification of wines, but more importantly, on the factors that affect the style and quality of the wines. Students will be able to improve both their analytical knowledge as well as their tasting skills.

The WSET Level 3 Award in Wines is an advanced level qualification for professionals working in the wine industry and for wine enthusiasts.

For individuals seeking to delve deeper into the world of wines, this qualification provides a detailed understanding of grape growing and wine making. Upon completion you will be able to assess wines accurately, and use your understanding to confidently explain wine style and quality. Upon successful completion you will receive a WSET certificate and lapel pin, and will be able to use the associated WSET certified logo.

※Please note that all sessions are conducted in English only.

※At Level 3, we recommend a minimum of 50 hours of self-study time outside of lessons, so you will need to work independently in order to pass the exam.

What you’ll learn :

【Unit 1】

■ The key factors in the production of wine : location, grape growing, winemaking, maturation and bottling

■ How these key factors influence the key characteristics of the principal

-still wines of the world

-sparkling wines of the world

-fortified wines of the world

■ How to apply your understanding in explaining wine style and quality

【Unit 2】

■ How to taste wines, describe their characteristics and evaluatetheir quality, using the WSET Level 3 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine®(SAT)

※For more information and full details on the course requirements, please download the Specification below.

Specification Issue2.pdf

Click here for WSET Level 3 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine®


<Instructor:Irving So、Frédéric Cayuela>




Course Induction and Tasting Technique


Natural factors and human influences in the vineyard


Human Influences in the Winery


White wines of Alsace, Germany, Austria and Tokaj


White wines of Burgundy, the Loire Valley and Bordeaux


Red and rosé wines of Bordeaux, South West France and the Loire Valley


Red wines of Burgundy, Beaujolais and the red and white wines of the northern Rhône Valley


Red, white and rosé wines of southern Rhône Valley and southern France, Red wines of Spain Part 1 and white wines of Spain and Portugal


Red wines of northern Spain and red and white wines of northern Italy


Red and white wines of central and southern Italy, red wines of Portugal and red and white wines of Greece


Premium red wines of New Zealand, USA and Australia


Premium white wines of New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, USA and Canada


Regional specialities of Australia, South Africa and USA, Premium red and white wines of Argentina and Chile


Fortified wines


Sparkling wines


Mock examination (Tasting, Theory excluding multiple-choice questions)


Commentary on Mock exam





5/26 (日) 開講クラス

日曜日 11:00~13:15  講師:ロワン ギレスピ

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    2024/11/24 (日)  11:00~14:20


Rowan Gillespie is an ardent wine educator, management consultant, and wine lover based in Tokyo. He teaches WSET Levels 1, 2, and 3 and is a judge for the annual Japan Wine Challenge competition. Born in New Zealand, Rowan has lived in Japan for the past twenty years. He holds a WSET Diploma in Wines.「What led you to become a wine educator?」My wine education journey began after I moved to Japan in the early 2000s. I was already an avid wine drinker, but Japanese wine shops were my first exposure to the classic wines of Europe. Being confronted by the initially intimidating labels of Old World wines, I began to read obsessively, learning to decipher wine labels and confidently order in my favourite restaurants.The more I read, the more I became fascinated by the different aspects of wine. Mastering wine requires understanding a blend of influences, including history, climate, geology, geography, legal and commercial requirements, and the art of science of viticulture and viniculture.Above all, I developed many new friendships through wine. Travelling to wine regions also gave our family vacations a greater sense of purpose.This hunger for developing my wine knowledge and skills ultimately led me to study for the WSET Diploma and become an educator to share my passion with others.「What is your approach to teaching about wine?」I want my students to not only be well prepared to ace their WSET exams but to be equipped with the tasting skills and wine knowledge to:• Gain a deeper appreciation of the different elements of wine and how they fit together.• Discover new and exciting wine styles.• Confidentially select delicious great-value wines, whether in an izakaya, wine shop, or a Michelin-starred restaurant.• Get deeper enjoyment out of travel to wine regions by understanding the connection between the people, place, history, and winemaking tradition.


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