Israeli wines Master Class ~The Jewels of the Mediterranean~

会場 青山
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定員 36 名
開講日 10/27 (木) から順次開講
催行決定日 10/20 (木)
講師 Mr. Tal Sunderland-Cohen
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備考 This master class will be held in English.


美しい地中海とレバノンやエジプトと国境を接する中東の国、イスラエル。国土は日本の四国程度の小さな国に多様な文化が存在し、世界最古の都市の一つ、古代都市エルサレムには壮麗な建造物が佇み、異国の情緒漂う他では類を見ない魅力を感じます。さらに、2022年は日・イスラエル外交関係樹立70周年の記念すべき年。そんなイスラエルでは5000年以上ものワイン造りの歴史があり、近年では海外の最新技術を取り入れて、国際的にも高く評価されている高品質なワインを生産するブティック・ワイナリーが集まり、目まぐるしい発展を遂げています。今回は特別講師としてイスラエルワインアンバサダーのMr. Tal Sunderland-Cohen氏をお招きしてマスタークラスを開催致します。イスラエルワインの歴史や魅力をワイン愛好家からワイン業界関係者のプロフェッショナルの方まで存分に楽しんでいただける内容となっておりますので、是非お気軽にご参加ください。




<Master Class introduction>

We are excited to welcome the Israeli wine specialist Mr. Tal Sunderland-Cohen, to host an Israeli wines masterclass.

Israel’s wine history is perhaps one of the richest on earth, dating back thousands of years. It’s been encouraging to see that the last decade, the public’s perception of Israeli wine has shifted dramatically thanks to the success of both major and independent producers upgrading their production processes, whilst staying true to traditions as old as humankind.

Several Israeli wines have garnered top honours in major international competitions, as well as earning stellar reviews in highly regarded wine journals.

During the Masterclass Tal will talk about the rapid history of the Israeli wine Industry, influences, grape varieties, what is Kosher wines? and much more.

<Wines to be tasted>

-Tabor Winery – Sauvignon Blanc Adama 2021

-Tulip Winery – White Tulip 2021

-Barkan Winery – Argaman Classic 2020

-Dalton Winery – Asufa Coast to Coast 2018

-Barkan Winery – Platinum 2019

-Tabor Winery – Eco Red 2017

-Dalton Winery – Alma Red 2018

-Tulip Winery – Sirah Reserve 2020

-Dalton Winery – Nadav SV 2017

-Tabor Winery – Tannat SV 2017

-Segal Winery – UF Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

-Tulip Winery – Black Tulip 2019

※In no particular order

※This master class will be held in English.

※The content will be the same for both the daytime and evening sessions.

<Biography of Mr. Tal Sunderland-Cohen>

Mr. Tal Sunderland-Cohen, the “Israeli Wine Ambassador”, is a consultant, educator and writer. Member of “Circle of Wine Writers”.Tal was a wine journalist for Israel’s financial newspaper “Globes” and Wine & Gourmet magazine for many years.He also penned the book Wine Trails of Israel and hosted the Hebrew “Wine Passions” video series. Through his

gastronomic consultancy Eshkolot, Tal advises wineries, hotels and food producers on a wide range of issues,including import/export, wine bar design, and wine list curation. Tal gives courses and professional master classes about wine around the world, as well as hosting special corporate events, wine dinners, and charity fundraisers. He lectures in wine branding and marketing at Israel’s only winemaking university, and trains diplomats in wine and food etiquette. Before his career in wine, Tal founded Israel’s first mixology school, which ultimately had 7 branches and a bespoke catering arm. He is the Honorary Israeli President and an international Magistral Council Member of the Chaine des Rotisseurs; and was voted "Man of the Year 2018" by the leading Eastern European magazine Wino. Tal is married with three children and splits his time between London and Tel Aviv.



Israeli wines Master Class ~The Jewels of the Mediterranean~



10/27 (木) 開講クラス

木曜日 13:00~15:30  講師:Mr. Tal Sunderland-Cohen

  • 第1回
    2022/10/27 (木)  13:00~15:30

10/27 (木) 開講クラス

木曜日 19:00~21:30  講師:Mr. Tal Sunderland-Cohen

  • 第1回
    2022/10/27 (木)  19:00~21:30


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