Bordeaux Discovery英語でワインを学ぶ ボルドー編

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開講日 2/8 (火)
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講師 フレデリック・カユエラ
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Frédéric Cayuela DipWSET, DWS, CSW is a French native wine educator who graduated from the agricultural school Rivesaltes in the Roussillon

wine region, a small vineyard area surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the intimidating Pyrenees mountain range.

Born in France, now settled in Japan, Frederic loves to share his valuable knowledge about his native country in a unique gentle and relaxing way.

This is a one-day class held in English, during which Frédéric will focus his teachings in the region of Bordeaux.

This is designed for curious wine lover or wine students who wish to discover the most historical wine regions from France.

It will also provide you a great support in preparation for any of your wine certifications, including any levels of WSET and JSA.

In addition to learning and discovering Bordeaux wines, you will also have the chance to taste traditional and typical wines paired with a plater of local dishes.

This seminar is designed in English, but in the meantime you will also be practicing and learning the French wine pronunciation and vocabulary.

Frédéric Cayuela DipWSET, DWS, CSW est un professeur du vin français diplômé de l'école d'agriculture de Rivesaltes dans le département

viticole du Roussillon, petite région au sud de la France entourée par la mer Méditerranée et par l’imposante chaîne de montagnes des Pyrénées.

Né en France, maintenant installé au Japon, Frédéric aime partager ses précieuses connaissances sur son pays natal d'une manière unique, douce et relaxante.

Il s'agit d'un cours d'une journée en français, au cours duquel Frédéric concentrera ses enseignements dans la région de l'Alsace.

Cette classe est conçue pour les amateurs de vin ou pour les étudiants en vin qui souhaitent découvrir les régions viticoles les plus historiques de France.

Ce cours est un excellent soutien pour la préparation de l'unes de vos certifications de vin, y compris tous les niveaux de WSET et JSA.

En plus d'apprendre et de découvrir les vins d'Alsace, vous aurez également la chance de déguster des vins traditionnels et typiques accompagnés

d'un plateau de plats locaux.

Ce séminaire sera conduit en français, mais dans une ambiance de détente. Vous pratiquerez et apprendrez également la prononciation et le vocabulaire

du vin en français.



Introductory Bordeaux tasting (region specificities and tasting workshop),cultural acitivities.Bordeaux Discovery Regional pairing examples: Foie gras (Duck or goose) / Tome / Bayonne / Cannelés


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2/8 (火) 開講クラス

火曜日 19:00~21:00  講師:フレデリック・カユエラ

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    2022/02/08 (火)  19:00~21:00


Meet Frédéric Cayuela DipWSET, DWS, CSW is a passionate wine lover and educator in Japan. Frédéric is born in the Roussillon wine region, located in the South of France and sharing boundaries with Spain. A 2500 years old historical vineyard often blown by the challenging Tramontane wind, and surrounded by both the Mediterranean Sea and the intimidating peak of Canigou in the Pyrenees mountain range. During his very first grape harvest, when he was only 14 years old, Frédéric discovered the passion and the love for grape growing and wine making, on the other hand, he also learned both the value of the viticulture and the reward of patience in this challenging arid region. With over 11 years of experience in the wine industry, Frédéric now possesses a seasoned and a unique international background. Before moving to Japan, he worked as a wine advisor for the château Nadal Hainaut in France, and as a wine merchant, consultant, and educator in countries such as Taiwan and Singapore. Now settled in Tokyo, Frédéric is a devoted Roussillon wine ambassador and collaborates with Europe sharing his valuable knowledge and experiences about his native and other French wine regions. However, he settled reaching the Master of Wine title as his ultimate life challenge. Here are few of his accomplishments in the wine industry, among his other 15 international diplomas & certifications: • Diploma WSET holder. (DipWSET) • Graduated from Rivesaltes Sch. of Agriculture in France. (DWS) • Certified Specialist of Wine from Society of Wine Educators. (CSW) • French Wine Scholar Program Instructor. (FWS) • Champagne MOOC, completion with merit. • Certified Whisky Ambassador. • Guide Hachette Judge for south of France category. • Finalist 2nd place (2014) - Team winner (2012) during the professional Dionysiades wine tasting contest in France.


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